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Guide to Choosing a Commercial
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Installing a new roof on your commercial building is a major, long-term investment, so it is important to choose the right person for the job. When you are searching for a commercial roofing service, there are three decisions you will need to make, which include:

  • Company Decision
  • Roofing System Decision
  • Value Decision
Choosing the Right Company for Your Commercial Roof

When searching for a commercial roofing company, you will want to find one that is professional, reliable, and established. You also want to make sure they understand the components of your roof to create a reliable system. When you enter into a relationship with a roofing company, you want to make sure they are a company that you can form an on-going, reliable partnership with. Make sure your roofing company has strong credentials and references, is licensed and insured, and is experienced and trustworthy.

At ACR-1.COM Commercial Roofing, we are fourth-generation roofers and have provided superior roofing systems to clients since 1920. We have strong credentials and good references, and we are licensed and insured in all locations we serve and can be licensed where we need to be. Our mission is to provide clients with a top-quality roofing system, professional, trouble-free installation of their roofing system, and responsive follow-up service. To achieve this mission, we take the following steps:

  • Before the Job– Our professional and well-trained estimators inspect the existing roof in order to understand the various challenges and problems, which then enables them to quote solutions that make sense. We normally quote several re-roof options and repair options if available, as well as maintenance options.
  • During the Job–Our Quality Assurance supervisors inspect every job to ensure that our crew meets our written quality assurance standards. We do not subcontract our roofing work; our employees are hourly; we don’t want them to “rush the job.” It’s our firm belief that “quality doesn’t cost it pays,” that’s why repeat and referral customers are our number one source of new business.
  • After the Job– We send our customers a follow-up report card where they can rate their experience and satisfaction with their installation. We reward our crews for excellent marks on the report card, keeping them properly motivated.
Choosing a Roofing System

There are a variety of roofing system options to suit your needs and budget. At ACR-1.COM Commercial Roofing, we offer Good, Better, and Best options for our cold process, monolithic roofing systems. This helps to ensure the clients who want the best in roofing systems can achieve that goal, while others who are looking for the basics can get what they want as well. These three options are available to meet customer needs, cost, and warranty requirements.

ACR-1.COM Commercial Roofing utilizes the Advantage Systems “cold-process” built-up roofing system, resulting in a monolithic, seamless roof. Our roof system options include:

Good- Roof Care Standard

Warranty: 8-year material, 5-year labor

  • Modified Asphalt Mastic
  • Flexbond Polyfiber Membrane
  • Modified Asphalt Mastic
  • Base Sheet
  • Modified Asphalt Mastic

238 Mil Application Rate

Better- Roof Care Premier

Warranty: 12-year material, 5-year labor

  • Solar Shield Aluminum Coating
  • Modified Asphalt Mastic
  • Flexbond Polyfiber Membrane
  • Modified Asphalt Mastic
  • Base Sheet
  • Modified Asphalt Mastic

238 Mil Application Rate

Best- Roof Care Supreme

Warranty: 20-year material, 5-year labor

  • Elastomeric White Coat
  • Modified Asphalt Mastic
  • Flexbond Polyfiber Membrane
  • Modified Asphalt Mastic
  • Base Sheet
  • Modified Asphalt Mastic

238 Mil Application Rate

Value of Your Roofing System

The third decision you will make when choosing a commercial roofing company is whether they will add value and ensure quality for your new roof installation. To ensure quality for the installation of your new roofing system, the ACR-1.COM Commercial Roofing team is held to certain standards of performance, including:

  • Flexbond White Elastomeric
  • Flexbond Aluminum Chip
  • Flexbond Aluminum Coating
  • Arriving on time or notifying you if there is a problem.
  • Protecting the furnishings and the work area.
  • Completing the job correctly and standing behind their work.
  • Maintaining open communication with customers.
  • Providing fair billing and an explanation of all charges.

We also provide roof maintenance programs to help you maintain your commercial roof investment. Another way we add value to your roofing system is with our highly reflective coatings that protect your roof from UV damage while also help you to reduce your energy consumption, saving on energy costs.

Additionally, we provide transferable warranties that become a valuable asset to your new potential buyer, should you ever sell your property.

With our experience, quality assurance, and superior roofing system options, ACR-1.COM is your top choice for all of your commercial roofing needs. To learn more about our services, contact the team at ACR-1.COM Commercial Roofing today!

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When it comes time to make a decision on your roof, there are really
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