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ACR1.COM specializes in flat roof replacement and low-slope metal roof replacement. This is the decision-making process that you go through:

1. Company Decision – Professional, Reliable, and Established.
2. Roof System Decision – Good, Better, and Best.
3. Value Decision – Price, Quality, Warranty, and Payback.

First, it is important to find a qualified and competent contractor that has the expertise to work on your specific roof. We are a society of experts, and people who address specific situations frequently, get very good at it. It does not matter the price if the situation does not get fixed. ACR1.COM specializes in flat roofs, and low-slope metal roofs. We average being on 65 of their roofs each day. We are competent, efficient, quality and value oriented. We do this at a very economical price.

A roof is considered a low-slope roof when it has less than a 4/12 pitch (4” Rise over, 12” Run). All roofs must have some pitch to provide proper drainage. This starts with a proper diagnosis of the roof issues. Once this is done, we must trace down the source of the problem. This can be caused by a storm, improper drainage, poor installation, people walking on the roof, new penetrations, sun damage, age, etc. Remedies for these problems are varied, but a qualified low-slope roof expert can solve these problems in a quick and efficient manner.

There are several factors that enter a decision to determine the best flat roofing system. ACR1.COM specializes in commercial flat roofs. We offer a seamless roofing system by building the roof on the roof. This eliminates many of the problem areas on most flat roofs. Our roofs are highly reflective that leads to a long roof life, backed by strong warranties, which also can save on heating and cooling costs. Our materials have good elasticity and elongation properties that hold up to expansion and contraction of a roof overtime. Our roofs are easy to maintain with materials easily available in your local area. We employ highly trained roofing mechanics, with ACR becoming incorporated in 1984, and the family roots beginning over 100 years ago. ACR invests in high productive equipment and manufactures their own material. Therefore, we can offer a very high-quality roof at a very competitive price.

A metal roof must have screws to hold the metal panels in place. These screws become loose or back-out with the expansion and contraction of the overtime. This is a sign of age on a metal roof and must be addressed to prolong the life of your roof. Replacement with caulk is first alternative, but a thorough evaluation is necessary to determine, costs, convenience, safety, and appearance concerns. A commercial roofing expert can help determine our best course of action.

Whether a roof-over or a tear off is done by ACR1.COM, the roof comes with the same strong leak through warranty. Most states and local codes require a tear-off if:

1. The roof already has 2 roof systems in place.
2. More than 20% of the roof is damaged or saturated.
3. The original roof system requires it due to age, damage, warranty, etc.

Typically, the answer is yes, you can add additional insulation to your roof. There are several ways to do this, which are governed by state & local codes, and cost factors. ACR1.COM can help you determine you best course of action.

Whether a roof-over or a tear-off is done by ACR1.COM, the roof comes with the same strong leak-through warranty. Most local codes will not allow a roof-over if the roof already has 2 roof systems in place. If the roof only has one system in place, a roof-over may be the best alternative. Our system allows us to cut out bad spots and build them up, address drainage issues, add insulation and more. We can give you the best available roof on the market and save you thousands of dollars. A commercial roofing expert can determine your best course of action.

Industry experts from many sources say you should inspect your flat roof at least 2 times per year. We know that in the south, in extreme situations 4 times or more may be necessary. ACR1.COM offers 3 Roof Maintenance Programs, that address most needs. A program ca also be customized when necessary.

Rust is a sign of deterioration of a metal roof. There are several ways to repair the rusting of a metal roof. First, an evaluation of the overall roof through an inspection to determine how to address the problem. The cause of the roof is of first concern. The integrity of the membrane itself of the underlying structure needs to be evaluated. Other factors include laps, penetrations, drainage, sky panels, and fasteners. There are several maintenance methods that can be used to address rust, but only an evaluation from a commercial roofing expert can give you the best options.

You should replace your roof when you cannot reasonably expect a repair to the roof not to leak in the next 2-3 years.

Roof Blisters are a sign of water vapor trying to escape from beneath the surface of your roof membrane. Just like a blister on you hand, do not just pop them, because you may introduce additional issues- infection to your skin – source of leaks to your roof. It’s important to have a qualified commercial roofing expert to best address these concerns.

Leaks on a flat roof can be particularly challenging on several fronts. Start with the initial evidence of a roof leak. This usually appears within the building’s workspace. Frequency, volume, weather conditions, and location are some of the factors to evaluate. Then the roofs surface must be examined. This includes the entirety of the envelope, membrane, flashings, petitions, gutters, adjusting walls, etc. Then the diagnosis begins, that must consider the type of roof, age, underlying decking, and previous underlays. This is properly done by a commercial roofing expert that deals with these types of problems daily. It is important that the proper materials are used to repair the issues to extend the life of the roof to its maximum use.

There are many factors that enter a decision in selecting a roof type. Initial decisions are made when the building is built like aesthetics, code, costs, climate, contractor and material availability, life-cycle, building type, outside environmental concerns, building use, etc. ACR1.COM specializes in roof repair and replacement. We can install initial roofs, but that is not our specialty. We can offer a variety of surface options to accommodate most flat roofs and low slope metal roof situations. Therefore, we know you will have three important decisions:

1. Company Decision – Professional, Reliable, and Established.
2. Roof System Decision – Good, Better, and Best.
3. Value Decision – Price, Quality, Warranty, and Payback.

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When it comes time to make a decision on your roof, there are really
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