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Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roofing

commercial vs residential roofing

While you may assume that a roof is just a roof, residential and commercial roofs have critical differences. They differ widely in material, design, maintenance, as well as in installation costs.

Differences in Commercial and Residential Roof Design

Think about the size of a commercial building. They are often much larger than a residential home in terms of square footage. This means that the commercial roofs are designed to support the size and extra weight of a commercial building. The roof design for a commercial roof also needs to take on the weight of equipment and the potential snow load. Commercial roofs are typically designed to have a low slope or are completely flat.

Residential homes do not have the same structural concerns and are typically designed with a pitched roof and a higher slope.

Materials Used for Commercial Roofs vs. Residential Roofs

When it comes to materials used for commercial and residential roofs, costs, appropriate product application, and life expectancy will all vary widely. Typically, commercial roofs and residential roofs need to be made from durable material to ensure they can handle the elements and other factors.

The materials also need to support the design. For example, if you plan to have AC and ventilation in your commercial building, the roof materials will need to be able to accommodate that. For a commercial roof, you can expect to see a flat or nearly flat roof membrane, asphalt shingles, or metal roof. Residential roofs have several material options and are steeper than commercial roofs.

At ACR1, we provide a monolithic roofing system, meaning it is one complete piece with no seams. This durable system is 3-4 times thicker than competitor materials and is flexible to the movement of the roofing structure to prevent damage. It also has highly reflective properties to lower energy costs. This durable material has no seams, so it is not prone to leaks like with traditional commercial roof materials.

Maintenance for Commercial Roofs vs. Residential Roofs

Since commercial roofs are larger than residential roofs, maintenance can be more extensive, and regular inspections are needed to prevent smaller issues from becoming major, more expensive problems. For commercial roofs, it is crucial to keep gutters clean at all times to prevent blockages. Depending on the roof material you have, the roof shingles or metal roofing can begin to disintegrate due to exposure to the elements, which is why regular inspections are critical to ensure it is in proper working order.

Residential roofs are not as extensive as commercial roofs, and since they are smaller in size, maintenance is far less complicated. It is easier to inspect residential roofs for damage, and in many cases, the homeowner can replace shingles or clean the gutters on their own, whereas a commercial roof will require the help of a professional roof contractor.

Commercial Roof Installation and Cost

Two major differences between commercial roofs and residential roofs are the installation and the cost of the roof. As mentioned earlier in the article, the size of the commercial roof plays a big role in the difference in design, materials, and maintenance when compared to a residential roof. The size of a commercial roof also affects the installation process and the cost of the commercial roof installation.

A residential roof is a more straightforward installation process that can be done by a local roofing contractor, whereas a commercial roof should be installed by experienced commercial roofing contractors at ACR1.

Prior to starting any work on your commercial roof, it is important to speak with the experts at ACR1 to ensure you are getting the best roofing system for your building at the best price. You can expect your commercial roof to be more expensive than a residential roof due to the amount of labor, type and amount of materials, size of the roof, and the protection equipment that is required for a successful commercial roof installation.

Commercial Roof Repairs and Replacement

Just like with the initial installation, a commercial roof replacement or repair will typically cost more than a residential roof replacement due to labor and materials. If your commercial roof has been damaged due to falling debris or harsh weather and has leaks, drafts, or standing water, you will need to have your roofing system repaired.

We can evaluate your commercial roof to see if repairs are possible or if a roof replacement is necessary to preserve the structural integrity of your building. We remain updated on all of the complexities of commercial roofing, offering you the latest roof replacement methods and technology.

Commercial Roof Installation Services

At ACR1, we specialize in commercial roof installation, repairs, and replacements. To learn more about our monolithic roofing system and our commercial roofing services, contact us today!

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