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Whether you are in the market for a new commercial roof or recently replaced your roof, understanding how the weather can affect your roof is crucial to proper maintenance and care.

Ways the Weather Can Affect Your Commercial Roof

flat commercial roofYour commercial roof serves to protect your commercial property, employees, and inventory from the elements. As it provides protection, it also goes through wear and tear throughout its lifespan.

The extreme weather in your area will determine how fast your commercial roof goes through this wear and tear. Your roof can suffer damage from straight-line winds or damaging winds during inclement weather such as hail storms, snowstorms, heavy thunderstorms, and tornados.

Depending on the type of roofing material you have, the severe weather can chip or crack the finish on a metal roof. It can also blow off the top layer of built-up roofing, leaving it vulnerable to water. With rubber roofing, severe weather can cause water to begin pooling on the surface if there isn’t a sufficient slope which over time can compromise the roofing material and cause a leak.

Hail and snow won’t immediately affect your commercial roof, but the more hail and snow it is exposed to, the shorter its lifespan may be. Tornados, on the other hand, can cause immediate, extensive damage to your roofing system. If the damage is severe enough, you may require a full roof replacement for your commercial building.

How Else is the Lifespan of My Commercial Roof Impacted?

There are a variety of other factors that affect the lifespan of your commercial roof, including:

Proper Commercial Roof Installation

When your roof is installed, it must be installed using the proper roofing techniques to maximize its lifespan. Proper commercial roo installation is a major factor in how long your roof will last. Even if just one part of the roof is installed incorrectly, it can begin the process of premature roof failure.

Even if one part of the roof is improperly installed, it will eventually lead to roof failure well before the lifespan of the roof is up. You can count on there being more than one issue with the roof installation if one part is installed wrong.

Quality Roof Materials

When it comes to your commercial roofing system, you need to make sure you are investing in a roof that is installed with quality. You’ve heard the phrase “you get what you pay for,” which rings true when it comes to roofing. Whether it’s the materials or the contractor you choose, the cheapest is not always the best option.

With cheap labor and cheap materials, you will end up spending more money in the long run with repairs and eventually a roof replacement.

Regular Roof Maintenance

All types of commercial roofing need to be properly maintained to ensure you get the most out of your roof. Regular roof maintenance and inspection will give you the opportunity to catch any issues with your roof before they can become bigger issues. This will help you prevent leaks before they can damage your commercial building or pose a safety risk to your employees.

Hiring a Trusted Commercial Roofing Contractor

One of the most crucial factors to extend the lifespan of your roof is hiring a trusted and experienced commercial roofing contractor. With proper installation and top-quality materials, you can ensure that you will get the most out of your roof’s lifespan.

You want to make sure you hire a commercial roofing contractor who has a robust installation history using the correct roofing techniques. Without proper technique, your new commercial roof’s life will prematurely end, and you will need a roof replacement sooner than you think.

Commercial Roofing Installation Services

At ACR1 Commercial Roofing, we offer a seamless, durable commercial roofing solution to ensure your get the most out of your commercial roofing system. Our team of experienced roofers will install your roof with top-quality materials and proper techniques to ensure your commercial roof has a long lifespan.

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